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Your doctor probably prescribed nitrates (nitroglycerin) to relieve your angina (chest pain).

Nitroglycerin may be used on a regular basis and comes in a variety of forms including oral (via the mouth), sublingual (under the tongue), and topical (on the surface of the skin). Topical nitroglycerin comes in ointment and in transdermal (stick-on) patches It is absorbed through the skin. Nitrates are also available in spray and gum form.

Nitrates dilate (open up) your veins and coronary arteries by relaxing the muscles in these vessels.

Nitrates increase the supply of blood and oxygen to your heart and may lower its workload.

What are the potential side effects of nitrates?
The potential side effects of nitrates include: dizziness, fainting, headaches, hypotension (low blood pressure), and arrhythmias (irregular heart rhythms).

Is there anyone who should not take nitrates?
If you are taking nitrates, you should consult with your physician periodically to determine whether it is safe for you to continue.

For how long can I take nitrates?
There should be a period of time every day during which you are nitrate-free. Often this is accomplished simply by going to bed at night without using any form of the medication.

You can take nitrates indefinitely.

Are there any other medications that I should not take in conjunction with nitrates?
Never take nitrates within 24 hours of taking Viagra The combination of Viagra and nitrates makes your blood pressure drop to a potentially dangerously low level which may have fatal consequences

Are there any underlying medical conditions for which this medication is contraindicated?
If you experience headaches, nitrates may make them worse. Nitroglycerin may also worsen existing glaucoma.

If I am taking this medication, is there anything I must do (e.g. take it with food)? Is there anything I must not do?
If you are taking the sublingual form of nitrates, you should take care in storing the medication. The sublingual form comes in a dark brown. Remove the cotton from the bottle, but do not transfer the pills to another container. The cotton deactivates the nitroglycerin. The dark bottle protects it from the light. Keep the container in a cool, dark, readily available place, such as your pocket.

If you are taking sublingual nitrates, moisten your mouth before inserting the tablet It will work rapidly. .You will experience a tingling under your tongue. If you experience throbbing or a headache, the medication is working.

If you are using the patch, you should generally remove it for a certain period of time each day. It is recommended that you put it on each morning and remove it at night. This allows you a nitrate-free period. Consult your doctor for her specific recommendations.

Are there natural remedies which have the same or similar effect as this medication?
There are no natural remedies, but your doctor may recommend that you make some lifestyle changes which may improve your condition These include regular exercise, a low-fat diet, cessation of smoking, and the use of stress reduction techniques.

Can I take a generic version of this medication?
You may take a generic version for most types of nitroglycerin. Consult with your physician.

Is there an over-the-counter version of this medication?

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